With the easy to use revolutionary PainCote paint, you can permanently back paint glass any color. Our paint is easy to use, cost efficient and extremely effective! PainCote paint is formulated with an active glass surface molecular modifying nanotechnology that creates a true permanent paint/glass bond unlike any product on the market! PainCote paint has beat all other known products world wide after going through extensive painted glass sample comparison testing. PainCote paint can be mixed to match any color including Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and all other large paint mfg colors. PainCote provides even the smallest glass companies the opportunity to produce colored glass for the ever increasing demands of clients and architects. PainCote paint can be sprayed or rolled on any form of glass with permanent adhesion results. PainCote has undergone extensive third-party adhesion and weather ability testing to ensure a durable and reliable finish.


Exhaustively tested with an average light fastness of 7+, Paintcote has a 10 year internal (monolithic) and a 10 year external guarantee.


Painted glass is a modern, sleek and hygienic alternative to tiles and laminates. Painted glass is often referred to as: colored glass, painted glass, backpainted glass, European colored glass, color coated glass or glass back painting. You might also hear it called a glass backsplash, glass splashbac or a colored glass counter top.

PainCote is a real scientifically formulated paint system that permanently bonds to glass! With PainCote paint there is never paint/glass delaminating issues due to atmospheric moisture and temperature changes commonly seen in most products. When using PainCote paint, there is no need to sandblast or obscure the glass surface to help bond the paint.

PainCote paint has a superior bond and far outlasts sandblasted /painted glass. With PainCote paint you will be able to cut, drill, edge and install your back painted glass just like mirror! PainCote paint allows you to change the visual characteristics of any type of glass including tempered glass, annealed glass, slumped glass, casted glass, laminated glass etc...